Every year, we get something like closure by racking our brains over, what else, the Revolution Awards. To grease our ruminations, this year we have also created a few categories to be decided by the public. Join us as we unveil an Award Winner every day, counting down to the New Year.

Public Polling: Best Sports Watch
Tudor Black Bay Chrono Dark

To mark the Rugby World Cup 2019, Tudor teamed up with the New Zealand All Blacks to present the Tudor Black Bay Chrono Dark. And while the All Blacks never made it past the semi-finals, clearly, at least with Revolution’s Instagram followers, the Black Bay Chrono Dark is a watch that won all the way.

The Black Bay Chrono Dark takes on all of the recent improvements made to the Black Bay Chrono that we first saw on the Steel and Gold version earlier at Baselworld 2019. The new Black Bay Chronos have a two-piece bezel, a shallower rehaut, which brings the dial nearer to the glass and allows for a slimmer case.

But what was most surprising about Tudor’s announcement of the Black Bay Chrono Dark is that it is meant to be produced as a limited-edition piece. The only time we have ever seen anything similar to this, was the with the Pelagos LHD that was individually numbered, but not limited.

The Black Bay Chrono Dark is limited to the number of players that have ever been called up by New Zealand to play for their national rugby team, the All Blacks. Since its creation in 1903, up until today there have been 1185 All Blacks players and so that will be the number of Black Bay Chrono Darks made. But that’s not all.

Every time a new player gets called up to play, Tudor will produce another Chrono Dark. Conservatively, that could be around six per year. That’s a true limited edition and a first for the house of Wilsdorf. For this bold reason, and the simple fact that the watch is a handsome devil, it’s no wonder Revolution’s Instagram followers crowned the Tudor Black Bay Chrono Dark 2019’s Best Sports Watch.