If you happen to have found yourself in London in the last few days, regardless of whether you have an interest in watches or not, you would have been aware that Salon QP was in full swing. The 3-day event at the the Saatchi Gallery is a must for any watchgeek or watch-curious alike.

Now in its eighth year, the show is packed to the brim with brands from the big boys to independents, to accessories and to auctions houses, as well live talks from industry experts. But I am a watchnerd, so all that really caught my eyes were, of course, the watches. With that in mind, here are five that I desperately need to tell you of.

1.Garrick Portsmouth

As you can imagine — being held in London, the event had a distinct British flavour when it came to the product on show. First up, on my list, is a brand I have followed closely for many years: Garrick.

In recent years the brand has developed a number of watches in small scale, made in the UK. The particular piece they were showcasing this year at the show was the Portsmouth. Possibly less discreet than previous models, but nonetheless pleasing to the eye, in a 42mm stainless steel with silver engine turned dial, which is bold. The dial has the word ‘England’ engraved on it and features a tourbillon-style bridge that secures its balance wheel in place.

The watch clearly shares the same DNA as their earlier creations but now features a new movement designed by watchmaker Andreas Strehler. The Portsmouth will be produced in Limited numbers and retails for £17,995.

2. Andersen Genève Perpetuel Secular Calendar

Next up is the Andersen Genève Perpetuel Secular Calendar. It is without question an absolute triumph of hand engraving. The Andersen Genève Perpetuel Secular Calendar is a 42mm platinum perpetual Calendar with BlueGold dial (something Andersen have worked on for quite some time – ultimatly it is 21ct gold with the addition of iron). The watch has been created to celebrate the 20th anniversary (1996-2016) of their Perpetuel Secular Calendar.  Given that it is limited to 20 pieces, you won’t see many in the wild! And aside from being aesthetically delightful, it is supremely complex.

3. Armin Storm Mirrored Force Resonance

Armin Storm make bold watches that tend to polorise. Regardless of what you make of their aesthetics, their drive to innovate is incredibly impressive. The new Mirrored Force Resonance, which the brand showcased at Salon QP this year features a resonating dual regulator with the mechanism on display on the on dial-side.

In 1629, it was Christiaan Huygens (the inventor of the pendulum clock) who was captivated by the phenomenon of Resonance — this premise that two oscillating bodies in close proximity were able to influence each other and eventually waltz along in synchrony.

The Mirrored Force Resonance features a 43.40mm and is limited to just 50 pieces worldwide.

4. Robert Loomes & Co Stamford

I am a huge fan of Robert Loomes & Co. They are traditional English watchmakers, who have in the past taken Smith movements and converted them into pieces of art. With a delightfully understated, refined aesthetic, the watches are hand-built and to-order, in Stamford and tend to sell rapidly.

The Loomes & Co Original movement they exhibited at Salon QP has been manufactured in the UK. The rubber seals are made in Northamptonshire, the balance wheels are turned in Leicestershire and the plate screws from West Yorkshire. Talk about supporting your local community.

The price for this level artisan craftsmanship: £28,500.

5. The Montblanc Orbis Terrarum Special Edition Great Britain

And finally, Montblanc showcased a five-piece run of their Orbis Terrarum (launched in 2015) to mark the show this year. The Montblanc Orbis Terrarum Special Edition Great Britain has a rotating sapphire crystal dial from the original world timer, but this time with the addition of a Union Jack flag on the dial signalling the daytime hours on the day/night disc indicator.

To have one of the most sought after watches from Montblanc’s stables be reimaged with a true British symbol is a thrill like nothing else — and is sure to add an edge of English pride to the collections of the lucky ones who manage to get their hands on one at the brand’s Bond Street boutique, where it is being exclusively offered. The price tag, a cool 5,600 sterling pounds.