At a meeting with George Bamford a few weeks back, we were sitting in The Hive (the Bamford Watch Department HQ). George and I were discussing watches that make us both smile. At one point he rolled back his shirt sleeve and removed the watch he was wearing, threw it across the room (we were responsibly socially distanced) encouraging me to check out the upcoming — yet announced — collaboration.

What I caught was the Bamford G-SHOCK 5610, a very cool thing indeed, even on first sight. Based on the original indestructible rectangular digital readout watch, the Bamford 5610 boasts a “Multi Band 6 Radio Controlled technology” that ensures that the timekeeping is a s sharp as the watch’s Bamford facelift.

Bamford G-SHOCK 5610

The watch is also solar powered, which means that whether you are careening through the green pastures of the Cotswolds in your Defender or racing down the slopes of Asahidake, you will be on time! And don’t be worried about giving your G a shock, the resin case and scratch resistant glass will ensure that it’ll fare better than you.

The Bamford G-SHOCK 5610 is finished in the familiar livery of Bamford — black and Bamford aqua blue, with the BAMFORD moniker proudly stamped on the strap and a blue inner bezel section. The collaboration is also stated on the strap keeper.

This is a very understated watch with an if-you-know-you-know demeanor that will appeal to watch collectors at all levels. In a world where wearing high value collectible wristwatches day-to-day can be risky, the latest work from the Bamford Watch Department offers the lover of interesting horology, a stealthy way to celebrate his or her passion — and that’s exactly what George wants and what makes him tick.

“I love these watches for what they are — a cool, nostalgic and utterly wearable watch. Wherever you are, or whatever you are doing, you strap this on and it will be reliable and do what you need it to do”.

George adds further, “Designing this watch was a lot of fun. One thing I was keen on was designing some great and cool packaging. I have always loved the OG tins and wanted to reference that in the Bamford edition packaging.

“Keeping this in mind, the other thing I’ve always loved are Art Deco mantle clocks — they give me a similar nostalgic feeling as G-SHOCKs. I thought it would be fun to try and reference that in the packaging and I believe we succeeded. But honestly, no need to get too far into details, for me this watch just simply rocks!”

George's Art Deco mantle clock inspired presentation tin for the Bamford G-SHOCK 5610

And it seems the watch collecting community agrees. The watches sold out online in three minutes on the Bamford website and then sold out on the Casio website in six minutes…that’s faster than a Beyonce concert!

The only problem facing George now is acquiring them for friends and family! George shares, “I knew people would love this watch and I always trust my gut instinct. I didn’t, however, expect it to be such a smash hit.” And with that he rushed off to try and find some more watches that were promised to his mates. Godspeed, George!

Price at launch: £149; more information: