Last Saturday, Revolution attended the Piaget sponsored Gloucestershire Festival of Polo for the Maserati Royal Trophy charity polo match. Prince William was in attendance, playing on the strongly fielded Maserati team against a competitive Piaget team consisting of one of the greatest players in the world and global Piaget ambassador, Gonzalito Pieres, as well as fellow Piaget ambassador and England player, Malcolm Borwick. The match was part of a series of charitable matches that both Prince William and Prince Harry take part in over the course of the summer to raise money in support of their charities : The Welsh Rugby Charitable Trust, The England and Wales Mountain Rescue and The Household Cavalry Foundation.

Prior to the match, the Pieres brothers Facundo and Gonzalito, both Piaget ambassadors, were presented with their new watches. Facundo, worldly, recognised as one of the very few fighting for the position of best polo player in the world, chose to dress his wrist with the ultra-thin 900P Altiplano. He said that what attracted him to the watch was how thin it is, being the world’s thinnest hand-wound mechanical watch at only 3.65mm thick. Despite being so thin and seemingly delicate, the 900P Altiplano loses none of its masculinity thanks its open work dial, perfectly complimenting Facundo’s understated style. Gonzalito on the other hand chose to go for something he deemed “more elegant”, with the striking Black Tie Gouverneur in rose gold, as at home on his wrist when he is dressed in his polo whites as when he is jet-setting off around the world to the next tournament . The contrast between the two choices perfectly highlights the versatility of Piaget, not to mention its innovation and effortless refinement.