We’ve come to love the special limited editions that come from MB&F, and this one is no different. Based on the surprising (when it appeared!) Legacy Machine No.1, the new Legacy Machine No.1 Xia Hang (launching today) is a watch that certainly ties together all the things that the brand loves.



After-all, if you’ve been to the M.A.D. Gallery in Geneva (the gallery space and watch showroom of MB&F), you would have noticed strange alien sculptures doted around the place. These were created by China born artist, Xia Hang, who first made these sculptures as part of his graduation work from the Sculpture Department of the Central Academy of Fine Arts in China and which show his preference for and affinity with steel for its strength and high polish,


Fittingly, in accordance to the whimsical nature of MB&F watches, where they are meant to bring to recall our childhood dreams, Xia Hang considers his sculptures as toys, inviting people to touch his artworks and play with them.

LM1_Xia Hang_Mr_Up_Mr_Down_CMYK

Now of course, a miniature version of this strange alien, or “fat babies”, as some might call them, has been made into the up/down power reserve indicator of the Legacy Machine No.1. If you recall, aside from the flying balance wheel as a main feature on the dial, the other memorable one was the vertical power reserve indicator.

With the Legacy Machine No.1 Xia Hang, this vertical power reserve indicator has been replaced by a miniature version of Xia Hang’s signature sculpture, with the head moving up and down to indicate the amount of power in the watch.

Certainly, with this little detail, there will be something new for owners to enjoy on the dial.

LM1_Xia_Hang_Engine1_Red_Gold_CMYK LM1_Xia_Hang_Face_White_Gold_CMYK LM1-Xia_Hang_Soldat_Red_Gold_CMYK LM1-Xia_Hang_White_Gold_CMYK

The miniature figure itself is crafted in aluminium and is a delight to “manipulate” up and down when winding up the watch. Owners of this watch who want to be more hands on with the little man will be happy to know that the watch comes with two full size sculptures at 15cm tall (pictured below) created by Xia Hang and crafted in polished stainless steel.


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