“After I finished school I played guitar for several bands in France where I grew up, before moving to London to further my career as a musician. I played for various groups in the city and, because of this, had some spare time during the week, so began to look for a part-time job. I asked every shop on Carnaby Street if they had a vacancy. One did, a little store called The Great Frog. At this point I had no interest in jewellery, but I took the job anyway.

In the beginning I was indifferent towards the store and its jewellery. It was hippy stuff: flowery rings, cannabis leaves and other things typical to the area at that time. However, within a few months I started to create my own designs, using the drawing and carving skills I had developed during my school days. These designs became instant classics and attracted a new clientele of heavy metal bands to the store.

Then in 1992, after ten years on Carnaby Street, it was time for me to move on. I went solo and opened my own store, Crazy Pig Designs in Covent Garden. This move allowed me to have full control over all aspects of designing jewellery and, at last, gave free flow to my creativity.

My current watch of choice is a Breitling. For many years a timepiece was just a device to make sure I got to places on time, I really did not care what it was. Then on a plane journey, I opened an in-flight magazine and there was a double page spread for the most awesome watch I had ever seen. Upon landing I made a few phone calls to track it down – I had to have it. I had no idea if it was going to be £30 or £30,000. In the end it was somewhere in between.  In terms of my personal style I have never followed fashion, this much is obvious when you meet me.

I do love Alexander McQueen though. I love that he dressed very simply – despite being one of the most gifted designers ever – and that he put huge amounts of care into creating his designs. As a designer, my number one focus on choosing anything in life – be it a car, motorbike, guitar, shoes or clothes – is the design and how much care has gone into it.  Breitling ticks all the boxes. I do also covet any watch actually worn by The King of Cool, Steve McQueen.”