The Antoine Martin Slowrunner that was released about a year ago came with a stupendously large balance wheel that beat at an astounding 1Hz. This was a watch that not only offered a very unique complication, but also came with a bunch of other useful everyday features. A date and a power reserve indicator came as part of the package, and with a price of about 19,500CHF, offered tremendous value.


This was a watch that astounded me when it came out, and it quickly turned out to be one of my favourites of all time. In fact when I was able to spend some time with it, I did a hands-on video about this watch, that you can see here:

This year at Baselworld, having made something of a splash with the Slowrunner, the brand now introduces two new versions to the family, the first a new Stainless Steel version with a Black Dial, the second, a Rose Gold version with White Dial:

Stainless Steel with Black Dial:Antoine_Martin_Slowrunner02Antoine_Martin_Slowrunner03

Rose Gold version:Antoine_Martin_Slowrunner09Antoine_Martin_Slowrunner04Antoine_Martin_Slowrunner05

These are certainly welcome additions to the range, and surely communicate the fact that the Slowrunner will be here to stay. If anything, there are more choices to obtain that view of the large balance wheel beating away.