We take a look at the Escale Worldtime from Louis Vuitton, a marvellously beautiful Worldtimer with an ingenious mechanism that allows the forward and backing setting of the time and a hand-painted dial. Easily one of the stars of the collection for Louis Vuitton this year at Baselworld 2014.

Look out for a more in-depth article on this watch on this website, but in the meantime, have a look at this video below where I explain how this watch is set, and show you details of what might be the most unique Worldtimer watch ever made.

LV_Escale_WorldTime02 LV_Escale_WorldTime03 LV_Escale_WorldTime04 LV_Escale_WorldTime05 LV_Escale_WorldTime06 LV_Escale_WorldTime07 LV_Escale_WorldTime08 LV_Escale_WorldTime09 LV_Escale_WorldTime10