When the Rolex Sea Dweller was phased out after with the appearance of the ground breaking Rolex Deep Sea Sea Dweller in 2008, many Rolex fans were up in arms. While the Deep Sea Sea Dweller came with an unprecedented 12,800 ft water resistance, this came at the cost of a larger 44mm case that was not only bulkier but had a very different feel from the Rolex diving watches that had come before.

It was a watch that while showcasing unprecedented technical prowess in the history of innovation that Rolex has propagated in their diving watches, was something that was scarcely able to fit under the tuxedo cuff of James Bond. With the Sea Dweller gone, only the classic Submariner was left for those who felt that the bulk of the Deep Sea Sea Dweller was a little too much.

Well it seems that this year at Baselworld, Rolex are keen to rejuvenate their icons from the past, with the “Pepsi” GMT Master 2 and of course the new Sea-Dweller 4000.

rolex deepsea rolex sea dweller deepsearolex sea dweller 4000

This new version comes at a brand new depth rating: 4000ft or 1220metres, following the tradition of the Sea-Dweller range always besting the classic Submariner. As well, we have the lack of a cyclops over the date, the most obvious tell-take sign of a Sea Dweller from a distance.

Want to know more about the Sea-Dweller’s history? Check this article by Wei Koh, documenting the history of the Sea-Dweller, in order to appreciate the various versions that have come before this new version that we see today at Baselworld.

rolex deep sea

What’s next for the Sea-Dweller then? Perhaps a luminous bezel in the vein of the Tudor Pelagos? We’ll probably have to wait for awhile for that to happen.

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