When it was first introduced in 2012, people didn’t quite know what to make of the Tudor Black Bay; here was a watch clearly based in many respects on the classic Tudor Submariner of the 1950s, but which also had design cues from other much-loved and sought after vintage Tudor models, including the so-called “snowflake” hands from Tudor diver’s watches from the 1970s.  It quickly became clear, of course, that the goal for Tudor was not so much the literal re-creation of any one vintage model, but rather the creation of a new and stylistically distinctive modern watch that while deeply rooted in Tudor’s past was also representative of its new identity.

Tudor Heritage Black Leather Blue

The original Black Bay’s warm colors played up the nostalgic allure of the watch –but for 2014 the Black Bay has gone cool blue.  The deep black dial, white hands, and most of all the deep blue bezel make this a Black Bay that really steps out of the shadows of the past.  Of course the connection to history is still there –Tudor enthusiasts will recall that the French Navy’s Tudor Submariners were often equipped with blue bezels as well.

Pricing and availability not available at press time, but we’re working on it.