We wrote about the new generation HYT H3 when HYT introduced it to us before Baselworld 2015, a watch that takes the brand’s unique time telling fluid mechanism into a completely new design direction.

A few days ago at Baselworld, I finally had a chance to have a closer look at this watch. However, having only been announced a few weeks prior, it took some time to get hold of this very limited (25 pieces) edition of this watch, with it being very popular at HYT’s Basel stand at The Palace. Still, while I had only 10 minutes with it, I managed to have quite a good look and even tried it on my wrist to assess its wearability.

The watch presents a very well made exterior, looking every bit as good as the initial CGI renderings that were shown.

HYT_Basel28 HYT_Basel29 HYT_Basel31

Here we find close-ups of the face of the watch, a very technical presentation indeed of the details of its mechanism. Here, time is told by the linear movement of the green fluid from left to right across the face of the watch, with the hours read via the corresponding position to the rotating blocks (4 of 6 to make 24 hours). Minutes are told by a retrograde pointer below.




One of the concerns I had over the H3’s rectangular design was its wearability. Thankfully the lugs angle downwards, providing a snug comfortable fit over my comparatively thin wrists. The top to bottom dimensions of the watch face are at an ideal length so as not to make the watch too ungainly or unbalanced. In fact, given it’s relatively large size, HYT have managed to make this quite comfortable to wear. Not only that, its a sleek futuristic design that is just wonderful to wear on the wrist, a watch that would not look out of place in our fantasies of the future.

HYT_Basel34 HYT_Basel33 HYT_Basel32


Kudos to HYT on a well executed watch, and I can’t wait to see where they will take this unique fluid technology into the future!