In an event in the éclectic boutique in New York City at 27 Greene St., Franck Malègue, creative director of éclectic, unveiled his curated selection of Baume watches matched with custom straps made with his signature fabrics. éclectic will be the exclusive US physical retailer of Baume watches, and all the watches Malègue has chosen for his boutique will feature his exclusive straps.

Baume Launches new Strap Collection with éclectic

Malègue does what he calls “active tailoring,” where he uses high-tech fabrics usually used in activewear and hand tailors them into jackets and coats. An advocate of slow fashion, where designs are intended to last as long as possible, Malègue was attracted to Baume because of the brand’s emphasis on sustainable durability.

“Baume’s idea is to appeal to young people with an affordable price, and customers can personalize their watch, so I created my own éclectic proposal,” Malègue explains. “I selected ten pieces from the Baume collection that fit our image and for these pieces we developed straps, using our fabrics. We are retailing these pieces in our boutique here in NYC.”

The first straps are in Cordura, a fiber that was developed for the US Army. “Cordura is four times stronger than nylon, and I’ve been using it for jackets and coats since the very beginning of my brand,” details Malègue. “I found a mill in Italy that can produce this fiber in a supple way so it can be hand-tailored.”

This isn’t a one-time venture, however, as Malègue is already working on new straps with other fabrics for the future.

The Baume watches sold in the éclectic boutique are available in two sizes, 35mm and 41mm, and start from $560.