Watches that commemorate anniversaries are often amongst the most desirable. Collectors still hunt for pieces of Cartier’s 150th and Patek Philippe’s 175th Anniversary collection, and probably will do the same in the near future for REVOLUTION’s own anniversary Panerai and IWC. That such celebrations often result in the creation of truly unique watches is once more proven by Watch Collector, celebrating its 5th anniversary. This Luxemburg-based watch boutique is specialized in Independents, and official dealer of Andersen, Jenni, Benzinger and McGonigle, amongst others. The challenge does arise however, when representing all these magnificent brands, how to come to something truly unique?


Watch Collector achieved this in two different ways; first of all they forged a unique collaboration between Jochen Benzinger and the French painter Léon Zanella. Zanella’s unique style of painting resembles those of the Impressionist movement, the same use of light, the vibrant colors, yet Zanella puts them down in a more punctuated way, like an architect building his painting. His art has long been recognized, and he was even the first to collaborate with the famous Limoges Porcelain. For Watch Collector he will re-create an artwork of his rich repertoire on the dial of the Benzinger made watch.


Perhaps even more unique is that as future owner you will have influence on how your watch will actually look like. From selecting the Zanella painting that will decorate the dial, to the way Benzinger will actually finish the movement. Although in essence still a ETA/Unitas 6498/6497, it will be hard to recognize, since Benzinger will completely skeletonize as well as finish the movement in his own unique style.

IMG_6424The case is also typical Benzinger; elegant yet relatively simply in relation to the lavishly decorated movement. The dial by Zanella is framed by a ring with “pointure” indexes, making it a truly practical piece of art, while the back shows Benzinger’s finest work. Because each watch will be a piece unique, the run is not limited, and for each watch sold a donation will be made to the foundation “Een Häerz fir kriibskrank Kanner” which provides support to families with children that have cancer, making this anniversary edition also count in that way.

More information about this unique watch can be found at the website of Watch Collector

Martin Green
Eclectic taste in Haute Horlogerie, passion for diamond set watches, loves the classics

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