Blue has always been a signature color for De Bethune, but with the Kind of Blue Tourbillon (DB28T), the brand has taken it to another level entirely. This new tourbillon, which is blue to the extreme, is according to De Bethune, designed to evoke the unfathomable infinity of the universe. It’s true — one look into this amazing timepiece, with its stunning blue lustre and its spinning tourbillon, and you could be lost forever.

This unique blue is the result of no ordinary paint or galvanic treatment; it is rendered by the traditional method of heat-treating. Hand-bluing is not easy, however, especially when the color has to match the rest of the watch. Too much exposure to the fire and the color turns black. Not enough and the color is not consistent or deep enough.

In addition, in the past, only steel and iron were blued by hand like this. In 2006, however, De Bethune developed a technique to blue grade 5 titanium, which is the material used in the 43mm case and dial of the DB28T. The DB28T uses a high frequency tourbillon, the lightest in the world at 0.20g (63 parts), that makes one rotation in 30 seconds and has a five-day power reserve.

“Everything we do is to increase performance, improve function and hopefully create something beautiful,” explains De Bethune’s Denis Flageollet. “From the beginning, we wanted to make something that was missing in watchmaking; to help to continue the beautiful story of watchmaking. Nothing we do is without a performance purpose, but it is always expressed in a way that is poetic and beautiful to behold. To me, this is what makes our watches simultaneously timepieces as well as objects of art.”

The Kind of Blue Tourbillon is available in a limited edition of 10 pieces for the world. A truly remarkable and unique timepiece, we at Revolution are proud to present the De Bethune DB28T with 2016’s Best Design Award.

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