There’s that classic joke: what separates men from boys? (Answer: the price of their toys.) The Good Book exhorts all men to “put away childish things”, but why should exuberance and playfulness be an exclusively juvenile domain? At their very best, mechanical watches — such as these chronographs — invite our interaction and our wonder; they reintroduce us to a world of imagination.

Photography: Sidney Teo  •  Styling: Marie Lee  •  Fashion Assistants: Melissa Tee + Kimberly Anne Lim • Photography Assistant: Simon Ong


Patek Philippe Chronograph ref. 5170G-001 in white-gold case and black alligator-leather strap

"Someone always has to start a fight during the vows… Oh crap, is that the ex? Who invited him? Listen, Woody, I think that bridesmaid you were talking to just now really likes me, man. She keeps looking over here while dancing. She can probably tell I'm fast-food royalty. I knew I did the whole outfit for a reason. Chicks will dig a guy in uniform until the guy in the crown shows up. Sorry, bro."


A. Lange & Söhne Double Split in pink-gold case and reddish-brown crocodile-leather strap.

"Mike… Mike!! Stop messing around, man! Get out of the water quick! I think our bait worked a bit too well. I told you we needed a bigger boat! Did you bring your nunchucks?"


Audemars Piguet Royal Oak Offshore Chronograph 42mm in pink-gold case and bracelet.

Everything was going fine until Miley decided she wanted to do the rest of the video outdoors in a red bodysuit and then the cops totally showed up and ran over the director's foot.


From left: TAG Heuer Carrera Calibre 1887 Automatic Chronograph in titanium-carbide-coated steel case and black alligator-leather strap; Breguet Type XXII in rose-gold case and brown alligator-leather strap.

Unnoticed by everyone, the real action was happening outside the ring, where the odds had suddenly shortened after Batista accidentally stomped on Stark's right hand repulsor while going in for a nose-crunching clothesline.


From left: Roger Dubuis Pulsion Chronograph in pink-gold case and black rubber strap; Jaeger-LeCoultre Duomètre à Chronographe in pink-gold case and brown alligator-leather strap

On further reflection, Tony realised that bringing Logan to the island had been a complete waste of time. "It's all claw and slash with that guy. No finesse. Should have checked if Quill was free, put him in an animal trainer's outfit, got him to hold out his hands while bending at the knees. Could have avoided a disaster."


Zenith El Primero Lightweight in black carbon-fiber case
 and black Nomex-coated strap with rubber inlay

Although it was just a routine drill to prepare themselves for the attack that was expected any day now, Optimus still felt deeply uneasy and could not have told you why. At least the others were all confirmed earthlings, he thought. He was less sure about the self-proclaimed Smurf, who he had once overheard singing a Na'vi song in the shower. What if, Optimus thought with rising panic, we're preparing for the wrong aliens?


Hublot Spirit of Big Bang in titanium case and black rubber with alligator-leather strap

"Why did I ever agree to be goalkeeper… I haven't really got any legs or arms. I just want to go home, but I can't leave now in front of these stormtroopers. Maybe I should throttle them all and then go home. Which reminds me, I really need to speak to someone about that exposed thermal exhaust port on the Dea— Oh god, here comes the ball — use the force, use the force!!"