There is no denying that the G-Shock watch from Casio is an icon in the watch world. Known and celebrated for its toughness and rugged good looks, G-Shock is still a best seller for Casio, even in the face of competition from Apple watches, other smart watches and more.

One of four brothers who founded Casio, Kazuo Kashio died June 18 in a Tokyo Hospital at the age of 89. He was instrumental in the development of the G-Shock and he did a wonderful job.

Several years ago, I tested a Casio G-Shock watch to destruction, and it took quite some doing. Honestly, just about every one of the tests we put the G-Shock through would have decimated a Swiss mechanical watch. I was impressed by one test in particular: I put the G-Shock in the freezer overnight, then directly into boiling water. When I pulled it out of the freezer, it was completely dead, no display, no ticking, nothing. I thought to myself, “We did it, it’s gone.” Then I put it into the boiling water for a minute, took it out and it was back to performing perfectly.

In the end, as you can see in the original video, the watch survived being dragged behind my motorcycle, run over by my car, thrown out of a second story window onto rocks and much more. I finally killed it by hitting it first with a baseball bat then a golf club, which well and truly destroyed it. I hope you enjoy the video, it certainly brings back good memories.

The fact that the watch stood up to so much is a true testament to the durability and quality of G-Shock, and to the legacy of Mr. Kashio.

Thanks for everything you did, Mr. Kashio — you will certainly be missed.

Casio Co-Founder Kazuo Kashio
Casio Co-Founder Kazuo Kashio