Métiers d’Art Élégance Sartoriale -Windowpane Pattern

Vacheron Constantin, in line with its European Artistic Crafts Days 2016, has just announced a collection of métiers d’art timepieces that it’s calling the Métiers d’Art Élégance Sartoriale collection.

Profoundly beautiful,  five pieces have been produced as part of the collection that are all based on the iconic tailoring fabrics of Vitale Barberis Canonico.

What we have here is a guilloche dial that is  enameled – in Grand Feu enamel no less  – with the utmost delicacy, by a master enameler, in order to maintain the dial’s rich texture and obtain a desired color that accurately conveys the spirit of the opulent fabrics the dials take inspiration from.

The sub dial that holds the hours and minute hands is formed out of a mother of pearl chapter ring with hand painted numerals. The motif in the center here is achieved using a pantograph machine that is able to carve out these lavish embroidery-like textures onto the enamel surface.

Next, the movement chosen to keep time within the insides of these blessed creations is Vacheron’s own Caliber 1400. A manual winding movement, bearing the Poinçon de Genève.

Métiers d’Art Élégance Sartoriale - Herringbone Pattern
Caliber 1400 Back

New watch announcements are always a cause for celebration here at Revolution. Especially when the watches are this good looking – the conversations and champagne tend to flow even better.

But earlier in the day, while Wei Koh was on site to witness the Métiers d’Art Élégance Sartoriale collection in person, a little something that our friend and Artistic Director at Vacheron, Christian Selmoni shared with us – really sent us through the roof.

Speaking on the subject of the inspirations behind these new pieces, Christian most graciously shared that, “the Rake and its voice in the resurgence of classic elegance was one of the key inspirations of this collection.”

Words cannot express the joy Christian’s words have brought us, and just how proud we feel to hear about the profound impact that our sister magazine has had in the mind of a maison such as Vacheron Constantin.

And with that, we leave you with pictures to discover all five timepieces and their unique dials created within the collection. We’re off for more champagne.

Métiers d’Art Élégance Sartoriale Collection - Windowpane Pattern
Métiers d’Art Élégance Sartoriale Collection - Tennis Stripes Pattern
Métiers d’Art Élégance Sartoriale Collection - Tartan Pattern
Métiers d’Art Élégance Sartoriale Collection - Prince of Wales Check Pattern
Métiers d’Art Élégance Sartoriale Collection - Herringbone Pattern

Details on the Métiers d’Art Élégance Sartoriale collection and more, now on vacheron-constantin.com

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