Cartier has always had a very strong collection of ladies- and jewellery watches.
And despite the impressive developments in the Fine Watchmaking mens collection, the 2013 pieces
presented at the SIHH in Geneva, has quite some lookers.

What immediately caught my eye was this little Tortue on satin strap.

Tortue Diamand

When closed, it looks like a very beautiful little turtle, that sits on the wrist, but as soon as the wearer,
turns the shield of the turtle, it shows the time.
Note that flower motive in the centre of the dial, which is in fact a very nice vintage detail, that was used
in the early years and during the Collection Privée

Tortue Diamond

Another eye opener is the Baguette Panthere watch. Quite a small and very feminine watch.
Diamonds on the Panther itself and baguette diamonds on the bracelet.

Panther watch

Baguette Panthere

The ‘Tank Americaine’ series has been expanded with some medium models. The smaller models
without a date window and the larger models, unfortunately with a date window and sweep seconds.

Tank Americaine

Tank Americaine

Tank Americaine

The watches come with diamonds on the case and gold bracelet and there are versions with diamonds
on the bracelet as well. This new Rhodié bracelet is in my opinion one of the best bracelets,
Cartier has presented since the bracelets we knew from the Panthere series in the eighties.
But the new tank Americaine bracelet is better, more elegant and feels incredible.
Also the version without diamonds, is a piece that has such a great looks that I am sure that it will
become an instant success.

Presented last year was the ‘Masse Secrete Panthere’, with the special rotor on the front that became a
moving Panthere. This year the watch is presented in pink gold.

Masse Secrette

‘Les Heures Fabuleuses’ is a pretty new concept and is in fact a watch and a brooch combination.
The watch can be worn as a more simple watch, while the brooch is attached on for instance the dress,
or it can be worn as one impressive piece of jewellery.

Les Heures Fabuleuses

Les Heures Fabuleuses

‘The Panther Devine’ continues the Panther concept, now in a black & white setting.

Panther Devine

‘The Crash Watch’ is one of those watches that always is food for discussions.
Originally launched in yellow gold in London in 1967 and since then a few times in very limited numbers
or as special orders.

Crash Diamonds


This legendary and very feminine version of the watch, is produced in just 267 numbered pieces for the
models with gold bracelets and 67 numbered pieces, for the models with gem-set bracelets.
Like the Crash watches from the past, also these new limited editions, are objects of desire.
The last time ‘La Maison’ released a small edition of just 13 Crash watches, was in 2005, for the
re-opening of the Rue de la Paix store in Paris and before that another batch of 300 pieces in 1991.

These new watches have, like the vintage versions, a mechanical hand wound movement, but lack the
word Paris or London on the dial, that has been changed to ‘Swiss Made’.
Due to the very limited numbers produced, the watches will only be available at certain Cartier Boutiques.
Calling your sales representative in advance, is absolute advisable, since these beauties have no time
to wait on the shelves.

Larger but certainly not less feminine is the new ‘Phoenix watch’ in white gold.


In the Tank Anglaise series there were several new smaller models with diamonds and on leather strap
as well.

Tank Anglaise

Tank Anglaise

Tank Anglaise

Tank Anglaise

We showed in an earlier post the ‘Rotonde de Cartier Mysterious Hours Watch’, a watch that probably
appeals more to men, but when set with diamonds, it becomes a completely different timepiece,
that looks absolute fabulous on a ladies wrist.

Rotonde Mysterieuse

Rotonde Mysterieuse

So far the ladies collection, from what I have seen, but be aware that this article does not cover all the
models presented at the SIHH.

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