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Symbolizing a proud historical and cultural heritage, as well as avant-garde technology, Breguet has consistently stimulated genuine fascination through its capacity for innovation. From the tourbillon to the gong-spring, many of the inventions by Abraham-Louis Breguet (1747-1823) have left their mark on watchmaking history since 1775.

As the enduring benchmark for watchmaking in the great European courts, Breguet has made its way through the ages among illustrious figures such as Marie-Antoinette, Napoleon Bonaparte, Tsar Alexander 1st and Winston Churchill, to mention a few. Established in 1999, the House of Breguet continues to strengthen its position as an essential name in today’s watchmaking landscape.

In the wake of this remarkable heritage and knowledge, Breguet unveils each year exceptional new timepieces, with Grandes Complications standing alongside sublime finishes, such as in the case of the Marine Équation Marchante 5887 model.