Romantic, feminine and beautifully complicated, Christophe Claret’s new Marguerite for ladies delivers everything a women’s mechanical watch should be.

Last year Christophe Claret unveiled his very first women’s watch—the Margot. This women’s complication was by far the belle of Baselworld 2014 with its movement designed exclusively for women, its feminine yet bold design, its playful functions, its exquisite diamond settings and a contour to fit even the slimmest female wrist. The only downside was that with 731 components to hand-assemble, the price was understandably a sizable 198,000 – 278,000 CHF.

Claret Marguerite

Never one to want to disappoint the ladies, Claret decided to create a more accessible collection for his female clientele and unveiled a new Marguerite collection today at a third of the price (69,000 CHF). Although, considerably less technical than the Margot, the Marguerite is as beautiful as its older sister, with a rotating daisy in the center of the dial. As the flower rotates, a butterfly attached to one of the petals circumnavigates the dial indicating the hours, while a second butterfly on a stem attached to the daisy’s pistil marks the minutes, much like a watch hand would.

Another ingenious feature is a magical mother-of-pearl dial that reveals a line from the children’s rhyme “He loves me, he loves me not” on demand. Just one push of the pusher at two o’clock and the numerals three, six and nine are replaced by the French phrase: il m’aime passionnément, (he loves me passionately). This optical illusion is achieved using an overlaying sapphire disc with tiny metalized squares that rotates 1.5 degrees, alternating between the inscription and the numerals beneath.

Claret Marguerite

In order to keep the price down, Claret has also developed his own gem setting called Flocon (snowflake in English) where the diamonds are spaced out over the case to resemble snow falling from the sky. There is also a Champagne setting version where the diamonds are closer together at the six o’clock position and become more spaced out towards 12 o’clock, much like champagne bubbles rising from a glass.

The base movement comes from Blancpain, while the module and the beautifully sculpted rotor, which incidentally also allows the owner to play the full game of “He loves me, he loves me not”, is made in-house at Christophe Claret’s manufacture in Le Locle.

Limited to 30-pieces per variation, the Marguerite remains a very exclusive timepiece and a great complication for those ladies who appreciate the inside of their timepieces as much as they do the outside.



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