Chronoswiss has always been a brand that was able to give a distinct cachet to its watches. Its elaborate styling takes you into a world where it isn’t quite difficult to imagine yourself as a master wondering through your romantic, stylish castle, or see yourself behind the wheel of an Jaguar E-type, taking on the winding roads of the Swiss Alps. It was therefore an absolute pleasure, that the brand introduced some new additions to the Sirius collection at the most recent edition of Baselworld, and amongst them was a stunningly new Sirius Artist.

Chronoswiss Sirius Artist 3It is quite an accomplishment since the Sirius Artists collection already consists of quite stunning watches which draw a lot of their appeal from the vividly-colored  enamel dials. Chronoswiss decided to take the concept to the next step with a Sirius Artist that features a two-tone dial in highly contrasting colors. They accomplish this by decorating a solid Sterling Silver dial with a stunning guilloché pattern. At the center of the dial, this pattern resembles a blossoming flower, but as it moves towards the edges of the dial, it starts to resemble waves in water. Perhaps that is why the outer border in blue enamel works wonders with this watch. It really focuses your eyes and also makes the watch easier to read. This is particularly important since Chronoswiss opted for a transparent enamel layer for the center of the dial. This reveals the guilloché in all its natural beauty, but since the hands are also silver-colored, they don’t really stand out. This was exactly what Chronoswiss wanted, because now although the hands still block part of the guilloché pattern, you don’t really notice it anymore since they share the same color.

Chronoswiss Sirius Artist 2This new Sirius Artist is available in white gold as well as red gold. The white gold version is a really balanced timepiece, while the red gold version adds yet another color to the contrast. In my personal opinion, the red gold makes the watch a bit more Baroque, and that is exactly what I want from a watch that features such an unusual display of color and texture. Why only go halfway and play it safe, when you can go, as they say in poker, all in? Besides, if there is any brand that looks good in Baroque style, it has to be Chronoswiss!

Possibly good news for those who cannot wait to get their hands on this beautiful timepiece, but might be hindered by the price tag of almost 30.000 euros: rumor is that  Chronoswiss may follow up with a steel version of the watch. The steel version will fetch a lower price tag but, with a dial like this, the appearance of the steel version will be nowhere less noble than the white gold version.

Martin Green

Eclectic taste in Haute Horlogerie, passion for diamond set watches, loves the classics

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