What was your first AP? 

Ah, wow — it was a very special watch to me. It was an Edward Piguet. It had a beautiful rectangular shape and it was from 2005. A very elegant watch.

How did the relationship with AP come to fruition?

I always knew of AP from watching the different brands obviously. Then my management team said that they had a company that was interestied for me to be an ambassador for, I thought it would be very nice. I asked which one and when they said Audemars Piguet I said, “of course!” And then we came to the factory here, to the museum and the more I saw of it, the more I liked it.

What have you got on the wrist today? 

Ah, yes. It’s new to my collection,  the yellow gold Audemars Piguet Royal Oak Perpetual Calendar.

You smoke cigars on and off the golf course, which is your favourite?

I only like Cubans. My favourite one is Silo VI.

Do you think there is a similarity between a good cigar and a good watch?

The similarity with this kind of thing is Audemars Piguet, they are artisans who make watches by hand, it is amazing how they make these complications and put them in this small case and the work is so beautiful. Cigars are also handmade, you have the leaves that come from the field, the process that the leaves go through, the fermentation, the rolling by hand — there are a lot of things they have in common.

Do you have a favourite Wine?

That’s not easy. I do love wine. It would have to be either Roda 1 or Carson Vega Sicilia, Mauro (Ribera del Duero).

When you think of success who is the first person you think of? How do you define success?

Success is when you do something you like as a hobby and you find a way of making a living out of it too; to me that is success. It’s not about work life balance, it’s about work life integration. The rest sort of happens, but success is doing what you want to do in your life. Being authentic.

In the golf world is there anyone you look up to? 

I have great respect for all the players. Being a professional in any field isn’t easy. They have all achieved a great deal and should be respected for that. Obviously you would have to look at certain players like Seve. He was without doubt one of the most iconic golfers ever — we miss him, we really do. You also have to admire, Jack Nicklaus — a great player. Both of these men did amazing things for the game, so to play with either of them would be a great honour.

Other than golf is there something that you are really good at, that no one knows about?

It depends who you ask. I do love cooking, I love being in the kitchen. There’s something about fresh ingredients, getting your hands dirty and producing something out of nothing. My favourite dish would have to be Spanish Paella.

Prediction for this years Ryder Cup?

Europe is on a good run — but the US look very strong on paper.