Having had the opportunity to strap the Type 1 on this afternoon, my initial excitement when the watch was announced last week was confirmed.

On every level — it’s brilliant. While remaining faithful to the DNA of RESSENCE, the Type 1 differs distinctly from the rest of the collection both in its design and in material.

It is also distinguished by its integrated lugs and an interchangeable bracelet system inherited from the TYPE 3.

Slightly smaller than the Type 3 and 5 at 41mm and with an all new case made from a single piece of steel, it is, without question, my watch of the show.

The TYPE 1 is not made of Grade 5 Titanium like the Type 5, but polished stainless steel, with a satin finish back.

This case is thinner, due to the absence of the sapphire case back acting as a crown. Instead, there is a small retractable lever, the handling of which adds a new visual and physical effect.

When setting the time, the rotation of the lever corresponds exactly to the movement of the discs on the dial in a ratio of 1 to 1.

An up-to-date reminder of the key once used to wind clocks, watches and mechanical toys. Finally, the in-house complication ROCS 1 has been updated with a user-friendly quick day setting.

This technical evolution is also available on the original TYPE 1 models.

The RESSENCE TYPE 12 is available in 4 dial versions: Silver, Ruthenium, Night Blue (which we had here) and Champagne. It is produced in an unlimited but numbered edition.