Where does your interest in watches originate?

I have always had a fascination for watches from an early age. I had to choose one particular source of fascination, I would have to be spotting luxury watches on the wrists of film stars.

I also love mechanical clocks and have a large collection of English, French and Swiss pieces.

What was the first watch you owned?

I really can’t recall, but my first ever “luxury” watch was a bi-metal Rolex GMT-Master. I wore it for years and never took it off my wrist even when gardening or while I was doing renovations to my house.

By the time I sold it, it looked like it had been run over by a car.

Why do you collect watches?

I’m afraid the simple answer is: I am addicted! I just love how there are so many different styles of watches. I’m the sort of person that if I see something I like — I buy it. I don’t care if it costs £100 or £20,000… I will wear it.


What do you love about collecting watches?

There is always something new to collect — to hunt down — and it’s certainly not a boring hobby. Although, it is rather costly.

Is there anything you don’t like about collecting?

Yes, it’s a very expensive hobby!

What is your favourite watch in your collection?

I own many watches and have many favourites. I love my Peter Roberts Concentrique and also my Zeitwinkel 273.

Is there a watch you would love to own that isn’t in your collection yet?

Too many to mention right now but I will be investing in a Grönefeld in the not too distant future, if all goes well.

How do you decide which watch to acquire next?

It’s quite simple for me: I buy what I like. I hardly ever buy watches as an investment, except for a few vintage pieces.

I do love small independent brands and these are always my first port of call when looking for something new.

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Peter Roberts

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