When a watch brand works with a celebrity, the best we can hope for is a photo shoot, an interview and maybe a video.

IWC has come up with a new way to experience its collaboration with Bradley Cooper, via the Google Spotlight App.

Cooper, an avid motorcyclist, will ride with you on an adventure through the American West using Virtual Reality technology.

Ride with Bradley Cooper

Here’s what the IWC Press Release says:

When life gets in the way of living, it’s time to forget the routine and take the road less travelled. Bradley Cooper knows this road well.

We joined him on one of his recent adventures, and now you can too. Click here and leave the day-to-day world in the dust.


Turn the key, twist the throttle, and head out for a virtual reality (VR) road trip with Bradley Cooper on the Google Spotlight App.

Here’s the preview of the VR experience, but it’s WAY better with Google Spotlight Stories.

Anyone know what the motorcycle is that he is riding? It looks like a custom Triumph Thruxton or Bonneville, but hard to tell. Email me @ [email protected] if you know.

Enjoy the ride!