We’ve just gotten back from the hurly-burly that is the BaselWorld watch and jewelry show and we generally like to decompress a day or two but this story was irresistible.  Apparently, a certain gentleman, desirous of a relaxing massage to unwind after a long day of blackjack (or whatever) met, in “the early hours of the morning” a masseuse in the bar of the Wynn Hotel, which we can only assume is a great place to meet a masseuse in the early hours of the morning.

During the course of what we are sure was an entirely legit and purely therapeutic session of bodywork, he happened to deposit his Rolex on the carpet below the massage table –only to notice later during the session that it had vanished.

As it transpired, the therapist had secreted it within a certain intimate region of her person.  This being a family-oriented website we will spare you the exact, NSFW details but if you’re keen to get the whole scoop, the New York Daily News has the story right here. 

It’s really got everything –Las Vegas, an older gentleman and younger lady, and of course, Rolex.  We always figured Vegas could be a dangerous town for Rolexes but this takes it to a new level.  Check out some slightly less salacious Rolex coverage from our team right here, to see the latest from BaselWorld, and we have to say, what a welcome back to America.


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