It was a small, cozy yet elegant watch affair on a fine Thursday morning at the Marina Bay Sands Singapore as Ralph Lauren launches its release of their 2014 timepiece collections.

Familiar to all, Ralph Lauren has been a strong influential brand that has been around the fashion scene for more than 40 years. Renowned for its iconic American fashion-wear (the Equestrian polo), the brand has deeply struck many with its ever-evolving creation of new fashion pieces, yet at the same time, retaining its style as according to the successful Man behind all the scenes, Ralph Lauren, “Style is very personal, it has nothing to do with fashion. Fashion is over very quickly. Style is forever.”

However, Ralph Lauren’s milestone did not just end here. In recent years, Ralph Lauren has surprised many with its entrance into the watch industry. This fashion label started collaborations with the Richemont Group to creating its very own watch line. This was definitely deemed as a brave step as to compete with other brands with more than 100 years of history could be seen as a challenging task. Hence, age and experience may not be a main cause of concern. Ralph Lauren is determined to prove that they too are serious in establishing a name in the watch-making field. Let us take a look at what makes Ralph Lauren a possible breakthrough.

Firstly, the cooperation with the Richemont Group immediately promises assurance as it highlights the fact that these watches are made with the finest materials and technical know-how of the Swiss watch industry. Hence, this definitely insures the quality of the watches. Furthermore, this year, Ralph Lauren’s time piece 2014 collection surprises us with a variety of different collections; ranging from the simple and sophisticated, to the sporty outdoorsy look, each appealing to different audiences and for different purposes.

Taking a closer look at the Stirrup Collection. This collection’s unique feature is brought out by its signature Equestrian dial and Chain-linked bracelets. Appealing to the ladies, this collection embraces a simple yet classic look, establishing itself as not only a time teller but an intricate fashion accessory as well. With a range of variations to choose from, the Stirrup collection varies from the simple white lacquer dial to a classier variation of texture, the mother of pearl white dial.


Ralph Lauren Stirrup RLR0040001: Petite- Link, Stainless Steel, Mother of Pearl Dial

If you are looking for something statement- making and bold? Who says Monochrome is boring? The Stirrup also offers a stunning contrast of a black dial against a 18k rose-gold chain-linked bracelet. From the dial to the bracelet, audiences are able to switch around, providing one with more options.


Ralph Lauren Stirrup RLR0041100: Petite-link, Rose Gold, Black Dial

However, what I believe would appeal the most to ladies would perhaps be the one utterly festooned with diamonds. Afterall, “Diamonds are a woman’s best-friend.” The Stirrup collection offers its prized and stunning Petite link stainless steel polished with a diamond white dial. With the embellishment of 12 diamonds on the dial and delightfully finished off with a diamond snow case setting, it is a feminine piece that exudes both elegance and fine jewelry craftsmanship, an every modern woman’s definite must have.


Ralph Lauren Stirrup RLR0040002: Petite-link, Diamond snow setting

However, with that being said, the most interesting and much anticipated collection this year would perhaps be the Sporting collection. Known for its signature Equestrian heritage, this year however, Ralph Lauren brings a twist. A man firm in his beliefs that function and beauty is inter-wined, Ralph Lauren creates a sporting collection that combines both masculine elegance and the highest level of horology’s technical sophistication. Inspired by the Africa Safari, Ralph Lauren introduces the Safari theme by throwing in a flying tourbillon. This design piece is equipped with both a sporting silhouette and the ultimate luxury of watch making. With a self-winding manufacture movement’s centerpiece, a flying Tourbillon with mounted small seconds that is showed at six o’clock, and with all that clasped in a shot-blasted stainless steel case, Ralph Lauren creates the perfect outdoor piece for every man.


Ralph Lauren Safari RLR0220704: RL67 Tourbillon

With such dedication, determination and demonstration of haute horology, Ralph Lauren has definitely proven its worth. Regardless of which sex you are, male or female, if you are looking for a brand new watch, Ralph Lauren is certainly the uprising brand to look out for in the upcoming years.