You wouldn’t have found yourself alone had you walked up to the Cartier booth at SIHH 2017, wondering what the maison would unveil in celebration of the Tank’s 100th anniversary. But, of course, we know now that the closest thing to the Tank that Cartier was showing at the fair was the 2017 Panthere De Cartier.

The Panthere, albeit a much younger icon (introduced first in 1983), was taken off the Cartier catalogues some ten years ago. As it makes its comeback this year, the watch will firstly be offered in two size variations — medium and small — and three metal options: Yellow, red and steel.

Along with the above regular production lineup, there is yet one in white gold (medium sized), which bears diamonds all over (bracelet included). The other special piece in the collection is a rose gold duet, in medium and small, with a rather arresting art-deco stylized dial with a black lacquered pattern.

Cartier, though, seems to be adding ever new icons to their treasure chest quicker than most people can think of fresh new ideas. Ballon Bleu in 2007 and then just in 2015, there was the Clé de Cartier followed by the most recent addition to the family: The Drive de Cartier.

Commercially the Drive has been quite the success story for Cartier. Which is why it’s only logical that hot that wave, the maison chose to progress the collection this year. But while the piece that was probably brought to the show to “wow” the crowds was the Drive de Cartier Moon Phases, we know now that the one that actually stole hearts was the Drive de Cartier Extra-Flat.

Drive de Cartier Extra-Flat
Drive de Cartier Extra-Flat

So simple, so elegant is this watch — just so phenomenally pleasing and balanced is this watch — that laying eyes on it will inevitably lead to your reaching out to put it on your wrist. We all know what usually happens then.

Okay fine, you might not be one for simple, elegant dress watches. But it would be odd not to appreciate something that’s been designed and executed this well.

The thing is, the silhouette of the Drive that we’ve grown accustom to is still there in this watch. Yet this oddly looks like something completely fresh. But don’t take our word for it, recent reactions to the Drive de Cartier Extra-Flat all over social media and the Internet stand to testify this.

At 38mm (oofff… too good) the extra flat Drive will be produced in a regular production rose gold version and a 200-piece limited edition, white gold version. Both versions will come fitted with a manual wound (oofff… SO good) 430 Piaget movement that’s been modified for Cartier’s use.

But still, of course, we remain expectant of the things that the maison will unveil to celebrate the Tank’s 100th birthday. Which we can only imagine will garner as much attention and adoration — if not more — than the mastery that is the Extra-Flat Drive de Cartier.

Drive de Cartier Extra-Flat
Drive de Cartier Extra-Flat

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