6-4 Federer. 3-6 Nadal. 6-1 Federer. 3-6 Nadal. And finally the last and winning set: 6-3, Federer.

Nine times the duo has met now in the challenge for grand slam titles. Six of which, including the 2009 Australian Open finals, was won by Nadal. Today, history has only somewhat repeated itself with two big differences when comparing the 2009 clash between these two titans.

One, of course, that Federer took the title this time. And two that at 2009’s finals, Rafa hadn’t yet met Richard Mille and, thus, had nothing more than his Nike wristbands on his wrists during the course of the game.

You can read about the time that Nadal first met Richard Mille, here.

Federer was already a Rolex man, as evident in the prize presentation ceremony shot at the final, where he’s seen wearing a gold Daytona.

At 2017’s meet, Nadal’s been playing with the RM27-02 on his wrist. But in recent days, Nadal’s not been the only player on the pitch who has been wearing a watch while playing. He’s got his fellow Richard Mille wearing, 19 year old German colleague, Alexander Zverev, who wears an RM 27-01.

Then, curiously, there is the Audemars Piguet camp with Stanislas Wawrinka, who has been wearing a Royal Oak Offshore on the pitch and as well the incredible Serena Williams who took the 2017 Australian Open women’s title yesterday playing against her sister, Venus, while wearing a Millenary piece on her wrist.

The Greatest?

But back to the man of the hour, Roger Federer. At the age of 35, with six months spent away from court last year, nursing a knee injury, today’s was truly a demonstration why Federer dons the title of the greatest tennis player of our time. And what more that he’s done so tonight against yet another great name in the sport.

With this bit of history between Federer and Nadal on middle ground now, Federer’s record stands at 18 major titles.

Federer wins 2017 Australian Open
Nadal and Federer in 2009