Exactly about 61 days ago, Federer met Nadal at the Australian Open finals to much fanfare. It was the phenomenal game it was expected to be. It was the meeting of giants it was expected to be.

Of course, it was Federer who took that game. But it looks like Nadal will have his chance to make up for that loss, sooner than expected, now at the Miami Open 2017.

The stats are stacked and it looks like we’re in for another thriller. Federer is in the game after having recently scored the Indian Wells title and then, now, having beat Nick Kyrgios, in a 7-6 (11-9) 6-7 (9-11) 7-6 (7-5) game, he’s set to play Nadal at the Miami Open finals.

Nadal, on the other hand, beat Fabio Fognini, 6-1 7-5 to make the final line-up. He has been spotted on the pitch with again his RM27-02. To find out what Rolex Federer has his eyes on lately, we’ll have to wait to see if he ends up being the one who raises the victory cup.

Game time is set for 1pm in Miami, which is, unfortunately 1am in Singapore/Hong Kong. But a very nice 7pm Sunday evening in Central European Time.

As you watch the game though, allow me to remind you that Miami is a special place for the Federer-Nadal bromance. It is here that in 2004 the two met for their first game. And later in 2005, they met for their first finals title, again, in Miami. Federer took that one. 13 years since that first match and 12 years since that first final, today history will be written again.

Whichever camp you may have your allegiance to, one thing we can all agree on is that we are in for one hell of a game and an explosion of watch spotting images, on Instagram, of the victor with his Miami Open 2017 trophy raised.