In light of everything that’s been happening in the world, or otherwise, lately — because honestly some of these happenings are hard to imagine are of this world — it’s nice to know that the Oscars, the stage of the grandest recognition in filmmaking today started off with, Mahershala Ali winning the award for the best supporting actor in the movie: Moonlight.

Why is that significant? Well, because in a time when people of the Muslim faith are being unjustly ostracised in the “Land of Opportunities”, Mahershala Ali has effectively become the first individual of the faith to have won an academy award. Better late than never? Nah, more like no better time than now to sock it to the man.

It is interesting that as Ali went up onto the stage to accept the award, he said his thanks to all those who had helped make this moment happen, then spent a good bit of time thanking his wife, who had given birth to their daughter just four days back — but he made no reference to his faith. Proving that this was nothing more than a day on the job for him and, as well for the Academy, it meant that there was no hidden agenda here; simply a decision that bears a timely significance.

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Okay, it’s getting heated in here. Let’s cool things down with what Mahershala Ali was wearing on his wrist for the evening. A quick glance confirms initial thoughts. It’s definitely one from IWC’s 2017 Da Vinci collection. A chronograph for sure but not the perpetual calendar chronograph. Leaving the only possibility then to be: The Da Vinci Chronograph Edition “Laureus Sport for Good Foundation”. A great choice for a historical moment in Ali’s own lifetime, as well as in that of the Academy’s.

Other moments to remember from the evening include, Rolex’s epic minute long video showcasing moments in film history where a Rolex watch was featured on the silver screen. There was also the acceptance speech made on behalf of Asghar Farhadi, the Iranian director who won the best foreign language film with The Salesman.

But, of course, the one that the Internet will be talking about; creating countless memes about is no doubt the mistaken announcement of the winner of best picture, which when initially announced as La La Land, was accepted without a second guess because in many ways it was the one that was expected to win. We now know — and this is for sure, sure — the winner this year for best picture went to the film, Moonlight.