Above: Alec Monopoly with Andrea Soriani, VP of Marketing for TAG Heuer North America (left) and Nicolas Pic, VP of Sales for TAG Heuer North America (right)

Revolution USA spoke to graffiti artist and TAG Heuer brand ambassador Alec Monopoly at the opening of TAG Heuer’s new boutique at Aventura Mall.

When did you discover that you wanted to be an artist?
You know, I feel as if I was born an artist. My mother is an artist and growing up she taught me how to draw and paint. She was very supportive of me creating artwork.

What kind of art did you do back then?
I would do drawings. I was in art school. That was probably the only classes where I would concentrate when I was in high school and middle school. I was always drawn to Pop Art, the bright colors, Andy Warhol, Basquiat and Lichtenstein. I was attracted to this kind of art. Bright and happy.

Alec Monopoly
Alec Monopoly

Do you remember the first artwork you did that made you really proud or satisfied?
I think it was in high school where we did a study on a David sculpture. When I was done, I saw that it looked just like the original, like hyper realistic. I remember feeling, wow, like I had a superpower or something. [laughs]

From where do you draw your inspiration as it relates to culture, current events or anything else?
From traveling, experiencing life and street art. I do a lot of graffiti. I’m also inspired by the past, when reading about art history and reading about Picasso and Basquiat funneling it through my vision and pushing that forward.

When you work, what do you prefer: silence or music?
I like to listen to music. It’s a little give and take and it depends on which mood I’m in. It’s never the same music. Sometimes I listen to Bob Marley chill music and other times I listen to techno or hip hop as well. When I work really fast, I listen to minimal beats, techno – stuff like that.

TAG Heuer boutique, Aventura Mall

Do you ever get stuck on a project you’re working on or does it always flow?
I do get stuck on pieces and I get frustrated. Then I put them in the closet and don’t look at them for a couple of months. Just sleeping on it isn’t enough.

What was your first watch?
My first dream watch was actually a TAG Heuer. I always wanted a TAG. It was a smaller watch and I sometimes like smaller dials today as well. Now I’m wearing the latest Carrera I did with TAG Heuer with a self-portrait in a graffiti cartoonesque way with my graffiti tags and my memes. Both of my models have now sold out. We’re offering the last 15 here tonight in Miami.

TAG Heuer Connected Modular Alec Monopoly Limited Edition

I know you like cars. American Muscle or Exotics?
I have to say American Muscle. I have a Bronco that was one of my first cars that is being rebuilt right now and I can’t wait for it to get done.