Reason One: Because glory fades and you’re not a dumbass

As the Latin saying goes, “Sic transit gloria.” Not sure what this means? Try driving a brand-new car off the lot. Your glory has just faded to the tune of 20-percent depreciation. Same thing with the majority of watches. Put it on. Walk out the door. Bam. Your 10-second-old watch has just taken a big hit on depreciation. Why should you take the hit when you can buy that same or similar watch backed by our game-changing 15-month warranty and full guarantee of authenticity AFTER the depreciation has happened?

Reason Two: Because your mamma didn’t raise no sucker

To quote Warren Buffet, “Look around the poker table. If you can’t spot the sucker. You’re it.” That’s the way it used to feel walking into a preowned shop. The guy behind the counter clocking your car keys and your watch doing a mental calculation of your net worth before making a price up out of thin air. We price and sell all our watches, propose trade-ins and buy watches based on real market value analytics rather than a price someone pulls out of their ass.

Reason Three: Because your mamma taught you to stretch your buck

Ever think, “I’ll never own a tourbillon or a minute repeater?” Or, “I could never afford an Audemars Piguet or an IWC?” We teach you how to target watches that were fantastic value propositions when they were new — great models that were initially overlooked and trending upwards — and by helping you purchase them through our curated preowned offer, you may find yourself owning a watch you never thought you could afford. That’s just smart watch-buying.

Reason Four: Because she taught you to keep a secret

The Swiss watch industry tells you that their watches are made to last several lifetimes. So buying a five-year-old watch is making it yours within the first one to five percent of its lifespan. That’s nothing. It’s basically new. Only YOU will ever know that it was preowned. And soon enough we guarantee you won’t care.

Reason Five: Because chances are we already have or can get the watch you want

We curate our certified genuine and fully 15-month warrantied preowned watches from a 60-million-dollar inventory of watches, thanks to our partners WatchBox. That’s the single biggest inventory of watches on the planet. And Revolution cherry-picks only the coolest watches that we know you’ll love from this massive pool. We want to help you make your dream watch yours today. We almost never say no to trade-ins, and if you don’t see what you want on our site, hit us up and chances are we can find it. Live-chat or call us anytime and we’ll make it happen.