As the lucky guest of Oris, Revolution Switzerland traveled to Basel to attend the 23rd RAID SWITZERLAND-PARIS. This magnificent rally of pre-1975 cars brought together enthusiasts from all over the world, eager to witness 110 old automobiles take off from the Basel Pantheon on a three-day drive to Paris.

The RAID SWITZERLAND-PARIS was revived 20 years ago in Basel by H.A. Bischel, a vintage car fanatic who wanted to showcase his magnificent collection and test the durability of each of his cars. Today, the RAID sees several drivers participating in a wide variety of cars and each year the race follows a new 1000 km route, although the final destination has always remained in Paris.


The winning team of the event is chosen based on their ability to conform to the time limits, to stick to the route and to complete certain exercises, but most of all, the winner is chosen based on the car’s capability to withstand the challenges of the rally.

As the Official Timekeeper of the RAID, Oris unveils a unique timepiece each year inspired by the previous year’s winning car. The latest RAID Chronograph Limited Edition boasts white-and-black details reminiscent of the 22nd RAID SWITZERLAND-PARIS’s winner, a gorgeous Jaguar 420 from 1967.

Jaguar 420 winner Raid Switzerland-Paris

The winner of the 22nd RAID SWITZERLAND-PARIS, a 1967 Jaguar 420


The design of the Oris RAID 2013 Chronograph Limited Edition was inspired by the Jaguar 420’s dashboard

We look forward to seeing what Oris comes up with in 2014 based on this year’s champion, a beautiful green Austin Mini Cooper S from 1968 (see below).