I have been following GoS, a small watchmaker from Sweden, for quite some time, for a few reasons.

Number one, I love what they do.

Number two, my father’s parents emigrated to the USA from Sweden, so I have a vested interest in helping a Swedish watch brand.

Number three, GoS specializes in Damascus Steel, which I absolutely love.

Now, let me tell you about GoS’s latest watch, the Väring, which is the brand’s first bronze watch. Bronze makes sense for GoS, as it was a metal that the Vikings used a great deal. Sure, bronze was used for weapons, but for just about everything else, the Vikings used bronze.

The case of the new Väring model uses a center ring in Damascus Steel, while everything else is bronze.

Of course, the dial is in beautiful Damascus Steel, forged and crafted in Sweden.

GoS Väring

Who was Väring

In 1015 AD, Prince Knut of Denmark enlisted the help of the Vikings to claim the throne of England, of which Väring was one (Väring was a Viking leader in Kareby, Sweden). After many battles, Prince Knut claimed the throne in 1016 and after a few years, Väring returned home to Sweden with his share of the spoils of war.

Honoring Väring and the Vikings

The Väring honors this legendary warrior and all the Vikings. There are Viking elements throughout the watch – the lugs are designed to resemble bow ornaments on Viking ships, the Viking loop knot pattern on the lugs, the bronze hands are shaped like Viking spears and the timepiece comes on a Moose leather strap.

The lugs are designed to resemble bow ornaments on Viking ships
The bronze hands are shaped like Viking spears

The Väring is a limited edition of 12 watches for the world, and the timepiece comes in a handcrafted presentation Walnut box, made by Kanevad wood artists in Linköping and engraved with Viking knot patterns.

“Our decision to honor a local Viking leader with our first bronze came natural to us as GoS has always brought inspiration from Viking artifacts since I am a great admirer of the Viking craftsmen,” says Patrik Sjögren of GoS Watches. The area where we live in is very rich in Viking history but the story about Väring and his ship is something that is unique, especially since most Vikings in Eastern Sweden traveled east but Väring decided to help King Knut in his conquest of England.

“I´m particularly proud of the finishing of the hands that I developed to make an almost flat surface look like a 3-dimensional Viking spear,” he continues. “The pattern on the surface is machine-finished in a similar method as Côtes de Genève but I changed it to achieve my goal to give it a look of a center ridge and I call it Côtes de GoS (a bit tongue in cheek, I admit).”

Check out the Väring and marvel at the other Damascus Steel watches they produce.