Gucci was one of the first fashion brands to successfully make and market watches, thanks to the legendary Severin Wunderman in the 1970s. The Gucci watch business back then was a true success story, and the brand has continued to thrive in the watch category ever since.

Now, with Alessandro Michele at the design helm of the Gucci juggernaut, the brand has never been more powerful. A leader in all sorts of categories, Gucci’s fashion watches are quite successful.

While many of Gucci’s watch collections have gone quartz, focusing on designs and decoration with Gucci icons and colors, the brand continues to make automatic watches with great success.

Gucci G-Timeless

“Gucci—as well as being a fashion megabrand—is a Swiss watch manufactured since 1972 and has always had automatic pieces in its range,” Piero Braga, president of Gucci Timepieces and Jewellery, says. “Automatic movements are the ‘quintessence’ of the Swiss watch industry and we like the idea to incorporate our aesthetic into this important segment.”

The G-Timeless Automatics for 2019 are very traditional, but they offer special details for the Gucci lover. “Each watch in this latest collection incorporates daring and unexpected details to delight and inspire our customers,” Braga points out. “Signature elements make appearances in surprising and imaginative new ways. The bee motif is used repeatedly over the surface of the dial, while the interlocking G logo on the buckle of the leather strap watches is highly reminiscent of our iconic accessories.

Gucci G-Timeless

“The defining components of this collection are the stone dials, decorated with our signature bee motif, and the automatic movement, which is a true masterpiece of Swiss craftsmanship,” he continues. “The watches are designed for those looking for a quality automatic timepiece with a difference. Yes, they are classic, but they also thoroughly embrace our contemporary style.”

The creative team at Gucci is very involved in the overall design of Gucci watches. Every reference is reviewed and approved, and a real effort is made to make sure the DNA of the overall Gucci collection is reflected in the timepieces.

“The creative teams are at the very heart of the design process,” Braga explains. “Each timepiece is the result of a close collaboration, encompassing elements and stories from every category. The designs are unmistakably Gucci, and this authentic aesthetic forges a seamless link between our watches and other collections within the house.”

Gucci G-Timeless

The Watches

The new G-Timeless automatic line offers eight new timepieces, each featuring a stone dial decorated with bees, a recurring brand motif. Three new 38mm watches come in an 18K yellow gold case, together with a black onyx stone dial and black alligator strap, a brown tiger eye stone dial and brown lizard strap, or a green malachite stone dial and precious skin strap with a printed pattern. The straps are all interchangeable.

Two 38mm timepieces combine 18K yellow gold and steel: one displays a steel case, a steel and gold buckle, a blue lapis stone dial, and a blue lizard strap, while the other has a steel case, a blue lapis stone dial, and a steel and gold bracelet. Adorned with bee motifs, the dials of both models are without a doubt emblematically Gucci.
Available with either a 38mm or 42mm case, another version combines a steel case and bracelet with a black onyx stone dial.

Gucci G-Timeless

Completing the 42mm offering of the line, a final edition is cased in steel with a black onyx stone dial with a black Shanghai calf leather strap and a steel buckle.

“Gucci creates watches that are different to anything else you will see in the industry,” Braga concludes. “Every timepiece is eye-catching and distinctive; a unique combination of Gucci DNA, Italian creativity, and Swiss watchmaking. Our philosophy is all about individuality and choice, and the watches are designed to encourage this self-expression. In essence, we want customers to find a timepiece that appeals directly to their personality and style.”