We’ve only just seen the H3 a few months ago and now, in virtually no time at all, with barely a moment to take a breath, the fourth version of this exciting line of watches by HYT has been introduced. We got a chance to have a sneak peek at this new watch during Baselworld 2015, when it was still under wraps, and get some live pictures as well as first impressions. 


At first glance you might think that that you’re looking at a H1, with the distinctive vertical bellows being the obvious clue. At this point, in the HYT range, one can most quickly identify a H1 this way, with the H2 having a V shaped bellows layout, and the H3 being of a totally different case shape altogether. The new H4 however is something quite different if you look closer and note the details that stand out, this especially you are familiar with the HYT line.

The case for example is not the same as in the H1, but of a new design. It is not totally new mind you, as it was seen recently with the HYT Skull watches. At 52mm in diameter it is quite large, but eminently wearable, with a very nice presence on the wrist.



The larger case has necessitated a brand new movement and this has been created by Chronode, the very same company that was responsible for the movement in the H1. The H4 and H1 movement therefore share similar essential characteristics with the main difference being size, with the H4’s movement being slightly bigger to fit into a larger case. In essence, what we’ve got here with the H4, is a bigger H1 with the styling and look of the new Skull case.

The first H4 variation to be introduced is rather fetching in its stealthy colours, taking inspiration from the H1 Dracula DLC seen in 2014. Unlike its predecessor though, the H4 Gotham as it’s been named, is decidedly more futuristic in feel, with the layout of the case helping to give a more sci-fi tone.



Helping to enhance this is a case made entirely from the extremely rigid 3DTP carbon, a material used in the aeronautic, sailing, and motoring industries because of its lightness and strength, as well as a rubber and Nomex strap. If you’ve been around racing cars or watched Formula One racing alot, Nomex will be familiar to you, being the fire resistant material that is used in racing drivers’ suits and helmets.


One other significant difference in the H4 movement versus the H1 is the level of skeletonization that the H4 introduces. The H2 of course, with it’s movement by APRP (Audemars Piguet: Renaud et Papi SA) had skeletonization as part of its appeal, and the new H4 brings this H1-esque movement in line with what customers have come to expect from HYT. Afterall, the fun in owning a watch like this is being able to see the movement in all its glory and for this purpose, we find in the new H4 in the upper part, where the movement prevails, that most of the components have been openworked, and the dial eliminated.



The H4 then is a very interesting release from HYT, and seems to be a result of listening to the desires of their customers. It tweaks a winning formula with the unique fluid technology, taking the best from what’s been seen before and distilling it into something new yet familiar.  Interestingly as well, the price of the new H4 is quite competitive (starting at SGD$110,000) being very close to that of the H1, (starting at SGD$79,000). These stand, in contrast to the H2, which starts at a much higher SGD $190,000, giving one more option to the customer looking to buy a HYT at the $100K level.

Limited to 50 pieces.