Hublot’s reputation for customer engagement was set from its earliest days by the very same man who founded the brand. Legend has it that in those days (and still from time to time) when you emailed an enquiry into [email protected], the near instantaneous response you would receive would’ve been directly from Mr. Jean-Claude Biver. And, the man used to do this regardless of the hour of the day.

Of course, since then the brand has taken on an ever-growing global following, across many more timezone, in the meantime Mr. Biver, has obviously not found a way to multiply himself. What the brand has managed, however, is to extensively grow its retail network with retail partners and boutiques, and overall brand visibility, by becoming prime sponsors in major cultural, sporting, music and film events.

Now, going beyond the physical presence, Hublot is taking on digitally engaging their customers with a ground-breaking formula. Announced by CEO, Ricardo Guadalupe yesterday at the brand’s New York Fifth Avenue boutique, the Hublot Digital Boutique allows for a potential customer to get connected with a sales representative, according to proximity, in real time or by setting up an appointment via FaceTime or Skype.

Hublot CEO, Ricardo Guadalupe at the brand’s New York Fifth Avenue boutique announcing the Hublot Digital Boutique
Hublot Digital Boutique
Hublot Digital Boutique

The sale representative would then be able to present the watch a customer is interested in, over the video call, and answer any and all questions. Next, the customer is invited to visit the point of sale for a personalized session with the watch, however, even at this point the decision to buy, doesn’t have to be made.

This then allows the customer to feel no pressure to make a purchase, while in turn allowing Hublot to keep a conversation going with the potential buyer, regardless of where the person might be.

As a pilot launch, the service is currently, only, available within the United States but is slated to be rolled out across Hublot’s global retail network in due time.

Hublot Digital Boutique

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