Continuing on with limited editions created in line with The Hour Glass’ 40th anniversary, we now have Ulysse Nardin, with a special execution of their Freak X.

The Hour Glass and Ulysse Nardin are long standing partners, with The Hour Glass having been the brand’s exclusive retailer in Singapore for over two decades. Meaning to say that the Singapore based retailer was there when the watchmaker was under the dynamic leadership of Rolf W. Schnyder himself, and was even there to witness the launch of the Freak in 2001.

In celebration of that partnership, it is appropriate that the watch created to mark the occasion should be a Freak. And as the two look onwards to the future of it is only right that it should the latest incarnation of the Freak: the Freak X.

Launched at SIHH 2019, the Freak X comes in at 43mm (2mm smaller than the present generation Freak Vision and Freak Out. But, of course, the greatest point of variation is that the Freak X has a traditional crown unlike all its predecessors.

Ulysse Nardin The Freak X Carbonium Gold (Image © Revolution)

Thereafter, the watch has a movement that takes on innovations that Ulysse Nardin transferred from the Freak Vision, for example: a super-light, extra-wide balance wheel in silicium with nickel flyweights and stabilizing microblades. The movement, of course, is still of the original Freak’s concept, showing time by making a complete turn every hour.

Ulysse Nardin The Freak X Carbonium Gold (Image © Revolution)
Ulysse Nardin The Freak X Carbonium Gold (Image © Revolution)

The case for the Freak X Carbonium Gold The Hour Glass, is as its name suggests in Carbonium Gold. What is Carbonium Gold? Or just, what is Carbonium? Carbonium is a super-light and sustainable material used in the production of airplane fuselage and wings. Formed from 7μm diameter carbon fibers, when the material is cut into shape for various usages, it brings out the organic pattern that is created by the layers of carbon fiber.

Carbonium Gold this is the carbon material that has gold incorporated into its layers, creating this incredible clash of a new age material that is considered luxury, fused with an old-world material that is as well considered luxury.

Ulysse Nardin The Freak X Carbonium Gold (Image © Revolution)

Technical Specifications


Caliber UN-230, self-winding flying carrousel movement; hours and minutes; 72-hour power reserve


43 mm; Carbonium ® matte-finish / Titanium with black DLC; water resistant to 50 m


Dark brown alligator strap with champagne “point de bride” stitches

Limited edition of 30 pieces

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