What makes a luxury watch more coveting than its entirety designed and manufactured in-house plus being sold exclusively in only ten boutiques in the world? Described as a monomaniac by some, 57-year-old French self-taught watchmaker, François-Paul Journe took five years to make his first and very own tourbillon which earned him a reputation in the watchmaking industry. Like a true blue master of the craft, he is a man of integrity who treasures highly the value of price and set out to manufacture his watch movements entirely in gold.


Here is a short and interesting documentary I found online that is going to give you a good half an hour of enjoyment. Journe takes us through a timeline on his self-named watch line, his plans for the future and, sheds light on his rejection of the Geneva Seal of approval which ingrained the independence for his brand. Also, what is it about an F.P. Journe timepiece that got sold four times its retail price at a heated auction?! Have a look at the embedded link below.