“Never a fan of school, I was always a bit of a dreamer. I began a law degree, but my heart wasn’t in it and I always knew I would never graduate. Every time I opened a textbook I would just fall asleep – I slept on chairs, the kitchen table, on top of a piano, under the piano, anywhere. So it became clear I was going to have to think of something else to do, and quickly. The cinema was always a huge draw for me and I realised that someone had to be helping the actors to become the characters they played. After researching this, I discovered there is a job called make-up and hair design. The BBC, at the time, had an excellent training programme, so I left home and entered its selection process (which whittled 3,000 applicants down to six).

I made it to the last ten and received a letter telling me I was in the final six.  However, my joy was interrupted by a phone call, informing me an administrative mistake had been made and I hadn’t won the place. I was distraught. I thought this was my only chance to learn, but eventually I started training with people like Naomi Donne and other top make-up and hair people. Little by little I progressed and in 1998 I worked on my first movie. I have been lucky to work with some of the most amazing directors and actors: Stephen Daldry, Anthony Minghella, Joe Wright, Tim Burton, Danny Boyle, Nicole Kidman, Michael Fassbender and many, many more.

My personal style is quite relaxed and androgynous. My wardrobe is Acne heavy, I also love Pokit suits and Tracey Neuls shoes. I always wanted a great watch, one I can wear every day, both at work and out in the evening. I definitely did not want a typical woman’s watch.  After quite a lot of research, I decided Longines was a great choice for me. But, I never got one and just admired them from afar. A few summers ago, Kate Winslet asked me to work with her on a movie called Labor Day in the US. It proved to be a tough film to make: it was technically challenging, we were away from home for a long time, the hours were demanding and the script required Kate to wear a wig and quite difficult make-up. At the end of the shoot, minutes after wrapping the last shot, Kate practically threw this box at me with a lovely card. Rushing to catch a plane I opened the box in the car and in it was my own Longines, an automatic chronograph.  I still can’t remember if I mentioned to her that I loved Longines, or if she overheard me talking to someone about it. But that has got to be one of the best ways ever to get your favourite watch.”