Good things can come in smaller sizes, and in case that you didn’t believe this yet, then there is IWC to prove it! They just introduced a whole collection of smaller sized watches within their Portofino-line. How small? 37mm in diameter. Indeed 3mm smaller than the 40mm Portofino automatic (ref.3565). Does 3mm make such a difference? Certainly in the world of mechanical movements, 1/1000th of a millimeter can make a world of difference, even a single millimeter can change the look of a watch in terms of design. While some watches start to look awkward when they are too small, other watches seem to become even more powerful, and the Portofino is just such a watch.


In my personal perception IWC has always used the Portofino line to display their views towards elegance. The brand as a whole has quite a tough and adventurous image, yet the Portofino-line seems to be an oasis of relaxation and enjoyment. A Portofino is a watch to wear when you have some time to dedicate to the finer things in life. A watch you choose when you are off to see an art-show, have a fine dining experience, or indeed, stroll through the harbour of Portofino. Certainly these are the kinds of occasions when a smaller watch is appreciated, out of comfort, and also out of sense of style.


Yet a smaller watch doesn’t mean that it cannot have big things inside of it. Actually, the 37mm Portofino is not only launched as a time-only, with automatic caliber 35111, but also with a moonphase complication as well as one featuring a second time zone. A moonphase is perhaps not the most practical complication but indeed it is a poetic one, while the Portofino with second time zone will serve those nicely who also want to take their watch outside of leisurely comforts.


Of course the many diamond set models that are available in the 37mm Portofino does indicate that IWC is targeting a female clientele with this new watch (The moonphase and Day & Night version cannot even be had without diamonds). However, the man that doesn’t need a personal stylist to tell him what looks good on him and that can still find his own way to his tailor, might have found with these new watches the perfect IWC for himself as well. And perhaps when these gentlemen raise their voices, IWC might be inclined to also offer the Moonphase and Day & Night without diamonds, in my opinion, this is probably all that is needed to make this new addition to the Portofino collection, picture perfect!

Martin Green
Eclectic taste in Haute Horlogerie, passion for diamond set watches, loves the classics

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