On April 26th, the Jacob & Co. Flagship Boutique re-opened. Located on the corner of 57th Street between Manhattan’s iconic Park and Madison Avenues, also known as “Billionaires’ Row”, the gala evening attracted such luminaries as Jacob Arabo himself, Debra Messing, Adrien Brody, Brooks Nader, Kate Bock and many more.

Under renovation for almost a year, the 10,000 square foot Jacob & Co. townhouse was designed by Roman Vnukov of Design Studio Romani.

“After focusing much of our effort on product development and overseas expansion, it was time to come back to the place where it all started and show New York City how much we’ve grown,” Arabo, aka ‘Jacob the Jeweler’, explains. “The design of the new boutique takes clients on a journey throughout our collections, while offering them the same excitement they would feel upon discovering one of our new timepieces or jewelry items.”

Jacob & Co. New York Flagship Boutique
Adrien Brody and Jacob Arabo
Debra Messing
Jacob Arabo, Elsa Hosk

You can find unique Jacob & Co. details throughout the boutique, such as the geometric pattern featured on the façade and on the ceiling of the boutique, which first appeared on the dial of the Astronomia Meteorite watch in 2016. In addition, the center showcase echoes the shape of the sapphire dome casing in the Astronomia collection.

Other distinct features include the extensive use of Zebrawood on the showcases in the two-floor, 4,000 square foot retail space, as well as surfaces throughout the executive offices. There is also a transparent, tempered glass walkway, exposing original New York City bedrock, that leads to the VIP area on the first floor.