Exactly a year after the release of the Reverso Tribute 1931, Jaeger le Coultre surprised again by re leasing a variation of the Tribute 1931. When I saw this watch in the window of the JLC booth at the SIHH, in Geneva 2012, I was sold. The Reverso Tribute Rouge was launched and had such a huge sex appeal, with that red lacquered dial and technical drawing in the back ground.


In 2011 I had already seen the black dial version and experienced the fit on the wrist, but the looks of this watch kept me busy and reminded me of the little ‘Tank Must’ that Cartier released in 1978. The red colour of this Reverso is without attracting the wrong attention, só eye catching. The Reverso Rouge has rhodium-plated and polished struck hour-markers, instead of the illuminous markers and hands of the Tribute to 1931 model.


Red was compared to other colours like blue, brown cream or black not much used in the watch industry in the past, but the first red dial Reverso how ever, was released by JLC about a year after the first Reverso was launched in 1931.
So the timing is to release this new ‘Reverso Rouge’ is ‘historically pretty accurate’.
The red colour of the Reverso Rouge is a bit different from the vintage version, but pretty close, as the following picture, that I borrowed from my colleague and good friend SJX (thanks a lot mate) shows clearly.


The case of the Reverso Rouge, as it’s often called, is exactly the same as the black version and measures 46.8mm x 27.4mm wide by 7.3mm thick, compared to the original, which was 38mm by 23mm to be exact. Due to the flat manual wind JLC Calibre 822, the case could be made thinner and was therefor entirely new constructed. This is especially for people with a thinner wrist, a huge improvement. The watch has less bulk, is not as boxy and fits perfectly on my 18cm wrist.


While I was hooked on the red, the minute I had the watch in my hands, the preferred choice is obviously the black dial version, since it is so close to the very first original 1931 Reverso. The black version is more discreet, an easier watch to wear and a watch that, does not get all the attention, in the board meeting.
(Part I, The Grande Reverso Tribute To 1931, can be found HERE)
In case you may think that the red dial may be hard to combine with various outfits, I shot a few pictures to convince you, that it can make wonderful combinations.




A pity however is that both versions of these Reverso’s are delivered with a black alligator strap, what I find a too easy and too commercial choice. For stunning re issues like the Reverso Grande Tribute to 1931 and Grande Reverso Rouge, calf leather straps should be available too, in brown, black and dark green. The use of crocodile and alligator straps started much later. But the Boutique informed me that these straps could be custom made as a custom order.


Engraving is a great option to personalise the Reverso and JLC has various options and possibilities, from simple monograms, to enamel Art Deco designs, a monogram in Art Deco style, in my opinion, really fits the style of these Reverso’s.


While the black dial Grande Reverso Tribute 1931 is available throughout the worldwide Boutiques and JLC dealers, is the Grande Reverso Rouge a ‘Boutique Special’.

A wonderful and must read story about the REVERSO in general, written by Wei Koh, founder and Editorial Director of The Rake and Revolution Magazine, can be found in the current issue of magazine The RAKE.
(also downloadable for the iPad, thru the app Zinio, or by searching for ‘The Rake’ in Apple Newsstand)

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