“I have been cutting hair for most of my life. After surviving school, I began an apprenticeship in hairdressing – I really loved it. I worked for a New Zealander of Dutch extraction; he was a hard taskmaster but instilled in me a great understanding of shape and form, which I have used throughout my career. I use everything I have learned over the years and I still enjoy watching other people create. I currently own two salons in Soho and have a third in the pipeline. Alongside this I spend a lot of time doing session work and have several side projects in collaboration with other people. I am lucky to work on several different things, which helps keep life interesting. I am also very fortunate that my wife is my business partner – we have a great working relationship, we look out for each other.

In terms of my personal style, I like clothes with some heritage. I don’t follow trends and many of the things I wear, I have worn since I first became interested in menswear. I like tailored pieces mixed with workwear and denim, I also collect vintage denim and early Vans footwear. When I develop an interest, I get into it very deeply.  I have always had a relationship with time and watches. Not only does a timepiece finish off my look, but, because of my job, I live my life in 30-minute slots, so on a practical level I always need to be aware of what time it is. I own a few watches including a 1940s Omega Seamaster, a Breitling Superocean, a Hamilton from the 1960s and a Glycine.

My Superocean was a gift for my 30th birthday. Initially I didn’t know what I wanted to celebrate this occasion but I got talking with my parents about it and they offered to buy me a watch. They bought the Breitling from a family friend who had purchased it but never worn it. For the first 10 years I owned it, I think I wore it every day. I remember nearly falling off my chair when I realised that it costs a fair amount to service a decent timepiece. I have always quite liked the mid-1960s Rolex with a semi-Bubbleback and red date wheel. That may well be my next piece, if I find the right one.”