I own a handful of real watches. When I say real, what I mean is luxury timepieces; and while a massive watch safe isn’t something that might fit my budget or collection (I don’t own that many watches worth that kind of protection), I believe that there are watch aficionados (like my boss, Wei) with collections that absolutely eclipse mine who might benefit from one of the safest, most luxuriously designed watch safes in recent time- the Buben & Zorweg Titan. 

Wait! Are watch winders safe?

There are some collectors out there who swear micro-vibrations from the winders might adversely affect gears and escapements within the watch movement but it’s safe to say that the amount of vibration produced by the electric motors in winders is pretty minimal compared to what a watch goes through in its daily life.

That said, whether your automatic winding system is bidirectional, unidirectional or rotor dead angle, a major firm like Buben & Zorweg can make use of a lot of data from brand service manuals to build the best possible watch winding mechanism, however if this doesn’t set your mind at ease- the German manufacturer has actually produced their own timepiece.

What about excessive wear?

At this point, the biggest concern with winders is the possibility of excessive wear on the rotor bearings when the winder is not set up to give equal turns on the turning axis (left or right) but it’s a theoretical concern – for an active person (daily wear, running for the train, jogging), the rotor moves quite a lot anyway, with the associated wear to the reverser gears (if present) rotor bearings, and slipping bridle of the mainspring identical (if not worse) to what you’d get on a winder.

Ultimately, an automatic winding system is a trade-off –more complexity, more points of wear and possible failure, in exchange for greater convenience to the owner.

BUBEN&ZORWEG One Perpetual Calendar in Rose gold

BUBEN&ZORWEG One Perpetual Calendar in Rose gold

They made a watch

The first ever wristwatch from Buben & Zorweg was perpetual calendar with movement modified by Martin Braun exclusively for the German company. While the ONE Perpetual Calendar is actually hand wound, the fact that they have taken the effort to design and build the BZ01-MHO with big date and 156 hour power reserve gives me some confidence that when it comes to making sure your timepiece is treated the right way, they might actually know what makes timepieces tick.

Keep Your Watches Safe- The Buben & Zorweg Titan 3A Protector And Titan

Weighing in at 730 kg and backed by the Swiss KABA locking system, the Titan is an elegant high security safe conceptualised and constructed to address the demands of high net worth watch enthusiasts. The makers of the Time Mover watch winders have incorporated a double sided Time Mover carousel into the Titan, allowing it to hold a collection of 36 timepieces.

In terms of aesthetics, the Titan looks like something out of The Dark Knight Rises; It’s a black beauty with optional integrated (and climatised) humidor and a German HiFi system that through Bluetooth can be operated by a smartphone. But the real Batman kicker is that the Titan is equipped with a Time Mover with a front facing 18 winders and at the push of a secret button, rotates 180 to present another 18 timepieces.

“The Ttitan represents the highest security standards among our Objects of Time®; it is designed and developed for people who would like a safe incorporated into an objet d’art and featured in their living rooms or libraries.” – Christian Zorweg, Managing Director of Buben&Zorweg.

Not out of place at Wayne Manor, the polished veneer surfaces encase leather, suede and velour interiors. The brushed metal fittings complement your luxury watches while giving it VdS level security ( a security certificate issued by German insurers).

Made in German, the Titan is part of the Buben&Zorweg Objects Of Time collection and is distributed in Southeast Asia by Tempo Luxe Pte Ltd. Available at the BUBEN&ZORWEG boutique in ION Orchard, #04-06. For international distribution visit Buben-zorweg.com.