Roger Dubuis is on a mission to mark the Excalibur as its most synonymous collection. And so, taking on the tagline, “dare to be rare”, the maison’s focus this year lies squarely on the collection with a few twists thrown in.

First there was the Excalibur Quatuor Cobalt Micromelt, which we were introduced to as part of the brand’s pre-SIHH announcements.

Now come two watches that were developed in partnership with the legendary makers of high performance tires, Pirelli. Watch number one in the duo, and the key launch for Roger Dubuis at SIHH 2017 is the Excalibur Spider Pirelli – Double Flying Tourbillon.

The watch, in essence, we are already familiar with. What sets the 2017 version apart is the partnership with Pirelli, which has made it possible for Roger Dubuis to use rubber from a set of Pirelli tires that won an F1 race and incorporate it into the watch’s strap.

The Excalibur Spider Pirelli – Double Flying Tourbillon will be produced in a limited run of just 8 pieces. And with Pirelli’s deep rooted ties with the F1 world, the eventual owners of the 8 watches will be awarded with unabashed all access backstage experiences at F1 races.

Excalibur Spider Pirelli - Double Flying Tourbillon

The second watch being announced in partnership with Pirelli is the Excalibur Spider Pirelli – Automatic Skeleton. Again, not an unfamiliar watch but this one too with the same special strap. 88 pieces of this timepiece will be made available.

Next the Excalibur Spider Carbon. A watch, which again on first sight might look very familiar, however, this, in fact, is the first time that carbon has been used so extensively in the construction of an Excalibur Spider. Even the watch’s movement has been forged from carbon, which is why we see this honey comb mesh all around the movement’s bridges that allow for greater strength in the structured formed.

Another first to add to the name of the Excalibur Spider Carbon is that Roger Dubuis is just days away from becoming the first watchmaker to ever have carbon watch with the venerated Poinçon de Genève. Only 28 pieces of this one will be produced.

The second last watch being included in Roger Dubuis’ SIHH 2017 roundup is a version of the Excalibur Spider Automatic Skeleton, which for the first time has been rendered in a pink gold and grade 5 titanium combination. This one will be produced in a limited number of 88 pieces.

Lucky last is the Excalibur 36, a 36mm titanium DLC timepiece with 48 blue sapphires around its bezel, which – you guessed it – will be produced in a limited run as well of just 28 pieces.

More thoughts on this year’s announcements from Roger Dubuis, in due course.

Excalibur Spider Pirelli - Automatic Skeleton
Excalibur Spider Carbon
Excalibur Spider Automatic Skeleton
Excalibur 36

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