Normally, I don’t like to write about a watch until I have seen it personally, have actually held it in my hands, to make sure it really exists.

But, I’ll make an exception here with the new Tudor Pelagos LHD, introduced today.

This very attractive watch updates a historical category for Tudor, the military tool watch, with a new timepiece that has the crown on the left hand side, so it can be worn on the right wrist.

According to Tudor’s press release, “Divers’ watches, intended to be worn specifically on the right wrist, require specific ergonomic characteristics…The introduction of this new model into the Pelagos line, named LHD for Left Hand Drive, means that Tudor is able to offer a complete range of technical divers’ watches at the same time as bringing a little-known part of its product development history to light.”

Tudor Pelagos LHD Photo

To me, there are several key attributes of the new Pelagos LHD, and they are:

1) The watch has a great vintage design, based on watches Tudor used to make for the military

2) There are a ton of detailed design touches, like the beige hands and indices on a deep black dial, the beige markings on the matte black unidirectional bezel, the “roulette” date display (alternating black for odd numbered dates and red for even numbered dates) and the Pelagos name in red on the dial

3) The fact that is a numbered edition, in a nod to Tudor’s history, when their military issued watches had the year when they were issued engraved on the watches’ caseback

4) The watch is powered by a Tudor in-house movement (MT5612-LHD) with a 70 hour power reserve. I am a strong advocate for longer power reserve, and Tudor satisfies.

5) The Pelagos LHD comes in a 42mm Titanium case, for lightness

6) A true dive watch, the LHD offers 500 meter water resistance, with an automatic helium release valve

I am really impressed by the new Pelagos LHD. It continues Tudor’s very successful tradition of honoring its heritage while creating fantastic, versatile, rugged watches.

I just added another watch to my Christmas list.

Tudor Pelagos Watch
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