This year Cartier Amsterdam organised for the 10th. time their Cartier Polo Summer games at the estate ‘Groot Kantwijk’, not far from Amsterdam. Every year this is a huge and successful event and at this level, it is in fact unique in the Netherlands. Among the guests were even many Polo players from Argentina.
Cartier became involved in Polo in 1984 and these sporty Cartier events have become very popular, all around the globe, especially in the UK and Dubai.


It was the 8th. of July and the weather could really not have been better, for a day like this. Especially when we bear in mind that this is about the first sunny week in the Netherlands, this year. The Cartier team must have been relieved, that the forecast for this date was so good!


It was a very exiting match, with a few little accidents, but nothing serious.
While the smartly dressed crowd , was intently watching the game, the horses sometimes came so near and over the line, that they could almost be touched.



– Jane Mangroe (Manager Boutique Amsterdam) and the team on stage –

It was a very nice and relaxing afternoon, but since we’re a Watch Blog, I am sure you like us to go on with that very exiting new Tank watch, that was on display and could be seen and tried, during the breaks of the games, since Cartier Amsterdam presented here the new Tank MC Skeleton in palladium!



For me it was the first time that I saw and handled the watch. While we know this 9611 MC caliber from the Santos Dumont Skeleton, the new Tank MC gives this movement a different look. The vertical shape of the Tank MC case, in contrary to the more horizontal case of the Dumont and the typical Tank crown with sapphire, are probably responsible for that difference in looks.


As with the Dumont version the details and finishing of the movement and watch case are extraordinary. On the wrist the watch has an amazing presence, pretty discreet, while still eye catching. The case measures 43.90 mm x 39.10 mm, is slightly curved and 9.3 mm thick in the middle and has sapphire crystals on both sides, to view the so well finished movement.

– On the wrist, it gives the best impression how this Tank MC looks –

As we explained in a previous post, that you can find HERE, about the new Tank MC; this will be a series of different models. Diamond versions are on the way and a slightly larger Tank MC with a steel or pink gold case and automatic 1904MC movement will be officially launched in September.

Something completely different, that got a so much attention, that it just had to be mentioned here, was the Juste un Clou XL, in a fully diamond paved white gold version.

– No picture will do justice to a piece like this –

The XL version, of the Juste un Clou, in yellow or pink gold, is already a breathtaking piece, but this white sparkling XL ‘Clou’, is just astonishing. Only very few of these bracelets are produced; seeing is believing.

– Mariska Hoyink (PR Manager Cartier Netherlands & Scandinavia and Jane Mangroe (Manager Boutique Amsterdam) –

I would like to thank Cartier Amsterdam for having me as their guest, at this really superb event!

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