Special watches crafted for long term dealers are nothing new in the watch world. There are many examples of this kind of watch available, and while they are often rare, they usually do offer not much more than a different colour dial and a commemorative engraving. Boutique editions differ usually more, offering everything from DLC-coatings up to exclusive takes on complications. A brand like Linde Werdelin does not have boutiques, but what they do have is a dedicated dealer network. With one of them, the famed Chronopassion at the Rue Saint Honoré in Paris, they introduce a watch that push the envelope on skeleton watches!

LindeWerdelin_ChronoPassion_Jorn&LaurentPicciotto_1-1Jorn Werdelin & Chronopassion’s Laurent Picciotto

How do they push the envelope? They went for a skeleton version that goes a bit further than what meets the eye. Yes, the dial is beautifully skeletonized, revealing an industrial looking movement, for which Linde Werdelin teamed up with Chronode SA, yes indeed the manufacture that also played a large role in the creation of watches like the Urban Jürgensen Chronometer Detent Escapement P8, HYT H1, MCT Sequential one and the MB&F Legacy machine n°2.

LindeWerdelin_SpidoLite_Titanium_Skiing_1The most striking part of the movement is without a doubt the “trigon pattern” that covers the main spring barrel. Perhaps it is my imagination, but it actually reminded me a lot of the construction of a major landmark in Paris; the Eiffel Tower. One “trigon” is painted red and acts as a power reserve indicator; a first for Linde Werdelin. They’ve also kept it low tech, because with exposed main spring barrel one can easily see how far the spring is wound.

LindeWerdelin_SpidoLite_Gold_LaurentPicciotto_1But it doesn’t stop there. The most amazing part of the new SpidoLite is that the case is actually hollowed out to reduce the overall weight of the watch. I wonder if they have ever thought about changing the name for this limited edition to SpidoLight, since this is truly pushing the envelope. After-all, cutting away too much material, or in the wrong places will compromise the integrity of the watch. With the grade 5 titanium version one would still expect a true sports watch, but Linde Werdelin also put the gold version of the SpidoLite on a diet. Here a potentially very heavy gold watch, has become an agile sports watch, significantly lighter than one would expect on seeing it. The inner case and bezel are constructed from titanium, treated with a black DLC-coating, and ceramic. Of course this watch can also be fitted with Linde Werdelin’s “The Rock”, a wrist worn computer developed especially for mountain climbing.


New SpidoLite with “The Rock”

With these watches Linde Werdelin proves once more the amazing timepieces that can be created when dealers and brands work closely together. It also shows the strength of Linde Werdelin’s marketing strategy; don’t focus on becoming a manufacture, but simply challenge the best in the business to go the extra mile and create what has never been done before.

The two new additions to the SpidoLite collection are each created in a limited edition of only 75 watches and exclusively for sale at Chronopassion. So if you ever needed a good excuse to visit Paris….now you have one!

More information about the watches can be found at Linde Werdelin’s website.

Martin Green
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